Amazon Success With BuyWebsites

Amazon - posted on 12/20/2013

Amazon is the premier choice for online shopping as their choice of different goods combined with bargain prices entices shoppers to spend therefore earning our Amazon affiliates more commission.

Below is a sample sales report from one of our customers with a ready-made website in the beauty niche taken over a few weeks in November with only a maximum of 70 visitors as she has not been operating very long. Her low purchase price of £450 was covered quickly and she has purchased another store.

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Why Promoting Your Amazon Products Using Free Sites is a Bad Idea

Amazon - posted on 10/21/2013

Stay long enough at WHAM sites or marketing forums and someone will advise you to start promoting your affiliate products on Squidoo, Zujava, and other free writing platforms. Their main reasoning is that Google loves these sites, so if you publish your content with them, it will most likely appear on top of search results pages (SERPs) in just a matter of time. Aside from that, signing up is free. 

But as an Amazon affiliate - or someone wanting to be one - should you follow this advice? The honest answer ...

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How to Get Started as an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon - posted on 10/21/2013

Being an Amazon affiliate is highly recommended and here's why. 

First, there are literally thousands - or probably millions - of products in the Amazon catalogue. Meaning, you will never run out of products no matter what niche you want to explore. Second, it's easy to land a sale on Amazon. It's a trusted site, so people who shop online won't hesitate to make a purchase. Lastly, there are several tools that you can use to create image and text links. 

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Video Websites YouTube Style

Ready Made Websites - posted on 03/13/2013

The average internet user spends 15 minutes on YouTube every single day... for a total of over 2 billion daily views!

And with your own video website you can cash in on this lucrative video trend, without ever having to create a single video yourself!

Videos have now completely conquered the internet... YouTube of course is the king of online video. We've all been there they simply suck ...

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Mobile Niche Directories

Mobile Directories - posted on 01/20/2013

Own your own Niche Mobile Website Directory Business for your Town/City. 

This is a BARGAIN at only £199 … You need only ONE client to cover your payment! 

i.e. Poole Hairdressers (example ) check it out on your Smartphone! 

The future is mobile and businesses know they need a mobile presence or they will lose customers to their competitors. Over 29 million people in the UK over 13 years old own a smartphone, 40% of mobile ...

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What Do You Offer Your List

Affiliate Marketing - posted on 06/08/2012

 When you first jump into a niche and set up a blog or static site you know you need to build a list of subscribers. This will be made up of people who are interested in what you have to say on the subject at hand, and they may also be interested in the products you recommend. You see the importance of having a list, and the bigger the better, but what should you offer for your opt-in? What can you give away as enticement for people to want to give you their mail address?

 This is an excellent question and shouldn't be taken lightly because these are your people, your subscribers, your customers. You want to give them valuable info that will help them ...

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Ways To Increase Your List

Affiliate Marketing - posted on 06/08/2012

 It's true, having a list of potential buyers or existing customers means you've got people to market to who are interested in your products. The problem is how to increase your opt-ins so you have a lot more of those interested people. Obviously you need to get more traffic, but you also need to pay attention to your offer and how you extend the offer.

 It's a fact that the more personal information you ask for on the form, the less likely you will be to capture that lead. Why? People are in a hurry and don't want to spend the time jumping through hoops. They're also leery of giving too many personal details online to someone they don't know.

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Why You Should Build A List

Affiliate Marketing - posted on 06/08/2012

What good is an opt-in list? That seems like a stupid question on the surface because you know that an opt-in list is necessary if you're marketing anything online. You've heard the stories from big-time marketers who say all they do is send out an email to their list and each email makes them $xxx. So that's the first answer that comes to mind, but it's not the only reason. Here are 5 more:

 1. People on your list are your fan base who will comment on your blog, thus giving you credibility and helping new visitors to trust you. 

2. They'll talk about you on forums - they know what products you offer and won't hesitate to tell others in need.
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Onsite Optimization Tips

SEO - posted on 02/27/2012

Despite back linking and off page optimization far outweighing the power of on-page optimization, it should still have a relevant part to play in your SEO plans. Although you can never get high rankings for competitive keywords by just on-page optimization, by following the basics you can achieve good rankings for hundreds of long tail keywords on a single site. 

I often attach a blog to any website I create because I have found that I can use it to target long tail keywords as and when required. 

So what on page optimization should you focus on? Here are three areas on your site which have the greatest affect on your rankings: 

Website Title&...

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The Most Important Factor For Gaining High Search Engine Rankings

SEO - posted on 02/27/2012

I bet most people will not believe me if I said that there is just one single most important factor when it comes to SEO because the forums are filled with advice, there are $1,000 courses teaching SEO and companies charge $5,000 or more per month for SEO services. 

But after 10 years as an Internet marketer, I can confidently say that the most important factor is: LINKS! 

In basic terms, the more links you get to your website, the higher you will rank. If you get enough links you can even forget about doing onpage optimization because you will still outrank the competition. The classic example of this is Adobe's Acrobat Reader page. 

Head over to Google and search ...

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PageRank Is Not As Important As You May Think

SEO - posted on 02/27/2012

To Google, PageRank is just one of many tiny factors that make up the algorithm that determine the ranking of a website. To Webmasters, it's a magical green bar that can mean the difference between anything from bragging rights to $100 for selling links. 

The PageRank most Webmasters refer to is the Toolbar PageRank and whenever you visit a page on the Internet, it gives a ranking from one to ten. However, on more than one occasion Google have stated that this ranking is so unimportant that they plan to remove it from the Google Toolbar. 

Not Regularly Updated 

The thing to remember about Toolbar PageRank is that it is a snapshot of how Google saw ...

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Make Sure You Look Natural To Search Engines

SEO - posted on 02/27/2012

OK, I'm not talking about wandering around with no clothes on, by natural I mean don't do anything that is going to look spammy or unnatural to the search engines. Although this is a hot topic of discussion between SEO analysts as they debate how aware is Google and do they know when we are trying to manipulate it, I think it's always best to assume that Google has an idea when it's being manipulated. 

With that in mind, avoid making the following mistakes when optimizing your site: 

Building Thousands of Links Overnight 

Although the name of the game is undoubtedly to build more links than your competitors, the search engines probably have a good ...

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Competition Analysis Tips

SEO - posted on 02/27/2012

One of the most important aspects of SEO is the work you put in before you even touch the website or build a single back link. This analysis work involves keyword research and competition analysis. Choose the wrong keywords and you could be wasting all your efforts in the onsite and offsite optimization. Choose keywords which have too much competition and you'll be taking on an uphill battle. 

But what are the things you should be looking for when doing competition analysis? We have listed four aspects that are absolutely essential to look at below: 

Number and Quality of Backlinks 

You might want to invest in a tool for this, like Web Comp Analysis from ...

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Make Sure You Dont Get Sandboxed

SEO - posted on 02/27/2012

One of the great mysteries of SEO is the Google Sandbox. It's nothing more than a theory or speculation because Google has never confirmed its existence. Basically the sandbox theory came about because Webmasters would create a website, build some links and for no real apparent reason the site drops below 100 in the rankings and no matter what you try and do, it doesn't budge. 

This process where you can't rank your site, no matter what you try and do, is what we refer to as the sandbox. It tends to happen more in very high competition niches like credit cards, insurance, vacations and plane tickets. 

In the first place, you want to avoid getting in to the 'box, and there are several ways this can ...

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Buying A Website

Ready Made Websites - posted on 01/24/2012

When you are considering buying a website perhaps the most important decision is what can I afford, as this will ultimately affect your decision. Another important factor when buying websites is to purchase a website that the subject matter will be of interest to you as it’s no good deciding to purchase a niche website that is of no interest, you will soon get bored. Most websites for sale will have a means of earning some money for the purchaser whether this be Affiliate Marketing which is a very popular way of earning payments or commission by driving traffic to your Niche Content website where they will find a product or retailer advertised and when they click on the link they are taken to the merchant’s site (e.g. Asda or Best Buy) to review and purchase the item. The customer ...

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO - posted on 12/02/2011

Search Engine Optimization is often talked about in terms of 'onsite' and 'offsite' SEO. As the name should imply, onsite refers to optimization done actually on your website and offsite refers to all the work you have to do without touching the site – i.e. Link building. 

Out of the two, it's usually most important to focus your time on offsite work because building links is the best thing you can do to increase your rankings, but that's not to say you can ignore onsite optimization altogether. 

Onsite Optimization 

There are three key areas you need to focus on for onsite optimization: 

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Article Marketing

SEO - posted on 11/02/2011

There are many people on the forums and even gurus selling courses teaching you how to use article submissions to boost traffic and get higher rankings. Although I can't say I've personally looked at the courses, many of the forum posts seem to lead you to believe that just by writing an article a day and submitting it to the search engines you'll magically get lots of traffic. 

Having done article submissions myself, I have to say I'm somewhat skeptical about the value. 

Article Submissions for Traffic

 One of the benefits of article marketing is that apparently you can get ...

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Optimizing Your Website for Yahoo and Bing

SEO - posted on 10/12/2011

Really I should change the title as Bing actually drives the Yahoo search results now so you get two for the price of one. 

Bing is owned by Microsoft and this is their third attempt at challenging Google in the battle of the search engines. They started with MSN then Live and finally Bing so you can’t say they haven’t been trying. 

Google has around 82% of global market share (Sept 2011) with Yahoo and Bing accounting for just over 10% between them so they still have millions of searches every month. 

So what can you do to make your website optimized for Bing. 

On-page Optimization is important and ...

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Helpful Automated Tools for SEO

SEO - posted on 09/27/2011

When it boils down to it, a lot of SEO is pretty autonomous and mundane. We all know that we need links to get the high rankings but the thought of having to spend hours submitting to directories is enough to make me find a million and one other jobs – even going as far as calling the in-laws! You can outsource the submission process but it's become debatable just how effective these submissions are, you could be throwing the money away. 

Many webmasters are turning to automated tools to remove the tedious nature of building links. Obviously it saves time, can build lots of good links but the drawback is some of the services cost a lot of money. Here are the most popular automated SEO services that webmasters ...

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Why To Choose BuyWebsites

Ready Made Websites - posted on 09/08/2011

Since the launch of this year (2011) the business has gone from strength to strength and improvements have been made to the website to make navigation a more pleasurable experience for the customer.

When the business was launched providing Niche Content websites that generate income through Affiliate marketing the average price of one of the websites was $1500, now the same type of site will only set you back $800 thanks to streamlining of expenses in the business.

The management at BuyWebsites realize that we are living in a World where everyone is looking for a bargain and are aware that a lower priced model would act as an incentive to the first time buyer of the Niche websites.


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BuyWebsites Unleashed On the WorldWideWeb

Ready Made Websites - posted on 08/01/2011

A new player in the Ready Made Niche Website Business launches today. U.K. based makes buying a Website Business easy, affordable and for the first time purchaser, gently breaks them in with easy to follow email instructions.

The Ready Made Website Business was introduced to meet the growing demand of people wanting to own a Website business that would provide maximum income with minimum effort. The BuyWebsites model works by embedding the owners merchant codes into the Website and when someone visits their Website and purchases an item or just clicks on one of the Google adverts the commission earned will be paid to the correct Website owner.

The biggest drawback to buying one of these Websites in the past was the cheap looking appearance, hasty launching with ...

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Why You Should Buy A Ready Made Website From BuyWebsites

Ready Made Websites - posted on 07/26/2011

Have you been considering the option of making some extra cash on the net? It's incredibly easy if you own a ready made website. Ready made websites are websites that are specifically designed to create a steady flow of automatic income for the site owners by creating instant-businesses that offer profits while demanding little effort. There is little to no effort on the part of the site owner, and the maintenance is almost none.

These ready made websites are increasing in popularity. This is because it's an effortless way to earn money. During these ...

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Make Money with Clickbank

Affiliate Marketing - posted on 07/21/2011

A lack of regulation in the affiliate marketing domain has led to turbulent times in the industry. Some key players you can make money with, Clickbank for instance have managed to avoid an emerging negative sentiment towards affiliate marketing. 

Chaotic click faking is perhaps the best example of the wrong direction some affiliates have taken; it is possible to make money with Clickbank, to do so in a way that is right and true. Clickbank is strides apart, worlds apart from the host of cowboys out there. 

So if you have a bit of entrepreneurship within you, it’s time to turn this burning desire into the ability to make money with Clickbank, get in on this new wave ...

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Make Money with Twitter

Affiliate Marketing - posted on 07/21/2011

It is a fool’s errand spending copious amounts of time speaking your sales message when there is no one to listen. In order to make money with Twitter or any other social networking utility, you need an audience. There are many ways to get this audience. 

You must realize that social networking is based on real people. Networks you have acquired from real life contact making are your primary and foremost route to building an online contact network. You must take your contacts from living life into the Internet domain. 

With every contact you have ever made tracked down you now have a base to start to make money with Twitter. Now set about an agenda from here, begin sampling these individual’...

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Make Cash At Home

Working From Home - posted on 07/21/2011

Like liquid gold seeing the decimal point move to the right on your Paypal or bank balance sheet will be given a very warm welcome. To make cash at home, not pocket change but real cash you must set out with a the will of a wild woman or man and the ambition of a Trojan who works like one too. 

Having found the skills from within your own competencies that will see you able to make cash at home the next step is to position yourself above your peers. This unfortunately is only possible by first lying down with them, building on your specialties by doing what they do, only better. Precision, perfection are the best currencies when setting out to make cash at home. 


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SEO Part 2

SEO - posted on 07/21/2011

Determining Competition

Once you have identified possible additions to your search phrase list, you must research further to determine if there is a good chance you will achieve your prized top search engine ranking or if the competition for that phrase is already saturated. While it can be tempting to target only search phrases that are very popular and searched hundreds of ...

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SEO Part 1

SEO - posted on 07/19/2011

As highlighted a couple of weeks ago, I have decided that with the growth of the search engine optimization (SEO) industry, it is important to ensure that we don’t forget the many newcomers. With many new business owners and webmasters exploring SEO for the first time, this series of articles looks to assist with the basic information needed to start a search engine marketing campaign.

In the first part of the series, I wish to ensure we discuss the importance of a solid foundation. When ...

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Buy Websites

Buying Turnkey Websites - posted on 07/19/2011

A great deal of people managed to attain quite a lot of money in the past through the acquisition of domain names, but what is in a domain name when it comes to the need to Buy websites? As you progress in your Buy websites search you will find that the reality of life is “Everything that can be done has been done” the world, and the ...

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Buying Turnkey Websites - posted on 07/19/2011

Buy from the best and buy right, it’s time to Buywebsites. When making your Buywebsites decision, be careful that you know what you are getting for your money, you will not need to study up on HTML code or other languages. However you will know the functionality of the sites you are acquiring by directly contrasting them against other sites that are out there in your selected niche. 

When your bricks and mortar enterprise is in need of an additional oomph, it’s time to Buywebsites. When you are hoping to make a move towards financial freedom, it is time to Buywebsites. When you have a product or service that is ...

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Making Money from Websites

Buying Turnkey Websites - posted on 07/18/2011

The dot com bubble burst a long time ago, yet the prevalence of new website creation continues unabated. Why? Because there are people making money from websites. How do they do this considering that the bulk of websites have been removed from stock exchange indices? 

The answer to their Making money from websites lies in hard work consistent monitoring and updating along with prime search engine positioning. Making money from websites is not as simple as positing a ...

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Making Money Websites

Working From Home - posted on 07/16/2011

Sit back and watch the greenbacks flow!  You really didn’t believe that did you? The trick to Making money websites requires a lot more than simply placing a website on the super information highway. Those Making money websites need to be good looking, with interesting visuals that are just at the right point, and not too complex for the eye of the visitor. 

Making money websites need to be full of prized content written by top quality wordsmiths who will not let the actual offering ...

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Websites on Sale

Buying Turnkey Websites - posted on 07/16/2011

Seeing is believing, and you’ll believe it when you see it. Websites on sale, websites for sale, imagine a Websites on sale emporium that offered a no fuss entry into the world of ecommerce.

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How do I buy a website

Buying Turnkey Websites - posted on 07/16/2011

Eight points of advice on - How do I buy a website? 

How do I buy a website? Tip 1
Compare, compare, compare. Look at competitors in the market that are already offering that which you intend on delivering. Check out the competition, and direct your efforts to outdoing them in the areas of your own expertise.

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