Is it really possible to make money from one of these website businesses?

Absolutely! All of our websites are already setup to earn commissions through our multiple Affiliate Partners.You are the most important part of creating a successful online business, as with any new business the more time and effort you put into marketing and advertising your business, the more revenue you will be able to generate.

How do I earn revenue when there is no inventory to stock and nothing for me to sell and deliver. How does this work? And who services the customers?
All of the websites developed by BuyWebsites.co are called Affiliate Websites. When you own an affiliate website such as this, you will earn a commission on everything you sell through your website.

There is an affiliate tracking code integrated in all of the websites that we build which tracks all the clicks and sales generated from your site. Affiliate Partners are responsible to deliver these items or services to the customers and then they pay you the commission for sending the business their way! Since all of our websites are linked to multiple affiliate partners, you can earn multiple streams of revenue from owning just one website!

How can I be certain that I am being paid the commissions?
BuyWebsites.co integrates an affiliate tracking system into all of our websites, which tracks all clicks and sales generated from the websites. You can view your visitor purchases, clicks, and revenue earnings, by simply logging into each one of your affiliate accounts (which we help you create at the time of your purchase). Each one of the affiliate partners provides you with your own account so that you can view real-time details about your website's sales and revenue earnings.

Will I be the owner of the Website?
Yes, the Website will be 100% owned by you and transferred to your name upon payment in full. You will have full access to the Administration section of your website with full support and tutorials available.

How long does it take for my website to be setup with my affiliate partner links and how long before everything is transferred over to me?
Immediately after as you make your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation sent to the email address you provide at the checkout. That email will contain necessary information to get you started right away. You will be given detailed information about each affiliate partner that you will need to register with. It is easy and free and consists of filling out a few online forms. After you complete this step, you simply let us know when you reply to our email. Then our website developer will begin to edit your website with your affiliate information that was generated when you registered with them. The total time that it takes our team to edit your website and transfer the domain name over to you is approximately 2-3 business days. We remain in contact with you by email as we proceed through the setup and transfer so you will be informed every step of the way.

I've never run a Website business before and I'm not at all technical, will I be able to do this?
Absolutely! One of the best things about becoming the owner of one of BuyWebsites.co websites is that you are investing in a website business that is completely automated! You do not need to be skilled in website design, html coding, or even be computer literate to be successful in this business. We take care of the whole setup for you and deliver your website ready to go. You will be able to take yourself to any part of the world with internet access and operate your business.

Nearly all of the affiliate partners that link from the websites we build are set up to offer world-wide currencies. No matter where you live in the world and what your currency is, the affiliate partners will be able to pay you. If you run into any problems and notice that any one of our affiliate partners doesn't accept you into their program for whatever reason, we will work with you and link you to an affiliate program that will support your website.

After buying the Website business, will there be any other costs?
The only costs will be Domain renewal of approximately £18 per year and after the free 12 months Hosting the cost will be £95 for a further 12 months.You will have the option of renewing with us or we will provide you with the database and files so you can choose another hosting provider.

Will you help me with marketing the website?
We offer free marketing and advertising information and provide links to tools we feel would be beneficial to your success directly on our website. The marketing portion of our website provides strategies and suggestions to help you drive traffic to your website.

What about support?
Full support included.

Can I sell the website?
Yes! You can sell your website at any time. You are the owner of your business and you can do what you like with it. Many times you can even make a profit when you buy a website, drive traffic to it, and then sell it to a new owner! However, the files used to build your website cannot be duplicated to build multiple websites, because the website files are copyright protected. When you sell your website you must release your ownership of the domain name and all the website files to the next owner.

Paying by Instalments

We offer an Instalment Plan managed by PayPal paying the total over FOUR Monthly payments the dates will be made available when you sign up. When the total cost of the website has been paid we will transfer the domain to you. If the payment plan is not completed the website remains the property of BuyWebsites. If a payment is missed we will advise you and you will have 7 days to complete the payment or the Instalment plan will be cancelled and the website will remain our property. Any payments made before completion of the Instalment plan will not be refunded as you have had full use of the website during this period.  

I have more questions.
Please feel free to contact us  as we will be pleased to answer all your questions.