Make Money with Twitter

Affiliate Marketing - posted on 07/21/2011

It is a fool’s errand spending copious amounts of time speaking your sales message when there is no one to listen. In order to make money with Twitter or any other social networking utility, you need an audience. There are many ways to get this audience. 

You must realize that social networking is based on real people. Networks you have acquired from real life contact making are your primary and foremost route to building an online contact network. You must take your contacts from living life into the Internet domain. 

With every contact you have ever made tracked down you now have a base to start to make money with Twitter. Now set about an agenda from here, begin sampling these individual’s connections to determine where your market is. Who do you want to target? Where do these people go on the Internet? Find where they are and entice them towards your product. This works if you have a product to sell, but there are other means by which you can make money with Twitter. 

There is another easy process, it’s not a route to a great fortune but should provide a small residual income. Use the program ‘make money with Twitter’ that is built into its interface. Here you can follow a series of links purposely designed for the task in hand. You will need a minimum of 50 followers of your tweets to get this working for you properly. 

Back to the basics of how to make money with twitter for marketing purposes now. There are of course countless others out there attempting to make money with Twitter for their livelihoods and as a consequence the social networking tool has become a hotbed of spam. The messages you put out there must be mixed beyond mere marketing sales messages. You must provide something more than merely advertisements of the products you have to sell to make money with twitter. Knowing your market and tailoring to their interests will allow for re-tweeting from your own followers, a necessary requirement if you are to make money with Twitter. 

To make money with Twitter you need to mix it up, just like in the real world advertising will be without effect if the product offer is not going to be of interest. You must have a great offer to make money with Twitter; you must be different than your competition.

Taking the 140 characters to make money with Twitter, be creative and give your audience what they want. 

Twitter is not the be all and end all, you want your market to know your message and this make money with Twitter lesson is a means by which they can be targeted with information which excites them, never be without an excited market again give your followers an experience. 

To make money with Twitter go out of your way to bring the real life connections you make along with you for the ride. Be smart and be proud enough of your product to tailor those 140 word tweets into treats for your audience.