What Do You Offer Your List

Affiliate Marketing - posted on 06/08/2012

 When you first jump into a niche and set up a blog or static site you know you need to build a list of subscribers. This will be made up of people who are interested in what you have to say on the subject at hand, and they may also be interested in the products you recommend. You see the importance of having a list, and the bigger the better, but what should you offer for your opt-in? What can you give away as enticement for people to want to give you their mail address?

 This is an excellent question and shouldn't be taken lightly because these are your people, your subscribers, your customers. You want to give them valuable info that will help them with a problem(s), and you want to give them what they want.

 If you're already getting some traffic to your site, either through organic searches for your longtail keywords or article marketing, then one way to find out what they want is to ask them. If you give your potential customers choices to choose from then they're likely going to answer you.

 Here are some suggestions for possible opt-in freebies:


  • A report that gives the solution to a problem. Not just any problem; but a very annoying, frustrating problem where their life will be changed if they can apply the solution.


  • An ebook that explains step-by-step how to do something. What do readers in your niche most want to know how to do? That is what will make for a good How To ebook.


  • A free tool that helps them do something easier, better, or faster. Who isn't interested in making their lives easier? The more frustrating the problem is, the more likely they'll want the tool.


  • Something that they can turn around and give away too to build their lists. This also falls under the "make my life easier" heading - if they can get their hands on a report they can give away too, then they'll see that as a desirable report to grab.


  • An audio recording of an interview with an expert in your field who is sharing new information. Experts know a lot, but what's going to draw the most opt-ins is the expert's new info and/or top secrets.


Keep in mind it's possible to have more than one freebie, and even desirable in many cases. Try one with a traditional opt-in box above the fold on your site, then perhaps another box for something else on a different page of your site where the opt-in complements the post there. Try a third in the sidebar linked to a banner ad. Check your results to see which performs the best.


Building your list is an ongoing process and one vital to your success online. Ask your readers what they most want based on the suggestions above and give it to them. It will not only increase your subscriber numbers, but eventually your income.