Buying A Website

Ready Made Websites - posted on 01/24/2012

When you are considering buying a website perhaps the most important decision is what can I afford, as this will ultimately affect your decision. Another important factor when buying websites is to purchase a website that the subject matter will be of interest to you as it’s no good deciding to purchase a niche website that is of no interest, you will soon get bored. Most websites for sale will have a means of earning some money for the purchaser whether this be Affiliate Marketing which is a very popular way of earning payments or commission by driving traffic to your Niche Content website where they will find a product or retailer advertised and when they click on the link they are taken to the merchant’s site (e.g. Asda or Best Buy) to review and purchase the item. The customer completes the sale on the merchant’s website which will be responsible for billing, shipping and after sales service. Tracking software will record the sale and a commission will be generated and paid to the publisher (you).

Popular earning revenue when buying a website is Google AdSense. Google earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords. Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by displaying these same text ads on your site.  In other words, you're helping Google advertise and they pay you a percentage (roughly 60%) of what they earn. The turnkey websites for sale will have Google AdSense integrated. Each time a visitor clicks on one of the adverts you will generate revenue without the visitor buying anything. This is called CPC (cost per click). You can earn between a couple of cents to $60 per click depending on the keywords. 


25 clicks per day x $1.00 per click x 365 days = $9,125 a year.

50 clicks per day x $0.75 per click x 365 days = $13,687 a year.

Amazon stores and products Integrated in turnkey websites for sale

When you are buying a website a third and extremely lucrative source of income can be generated through an Amazon store which can be embedded into your site (USA, UK, Can, or your own choices) which allows customers to buy from Amazon directly from your site, again with no interaction with the customer. Commissions vary between 5% -10% depending on items chosen. Amazon’s last sales figures of 34 BILLION Dollars was helped by the fact that 40% of its sales come from affiliate marketing called "Amazon Associates" and third-party sellers who sell products on Amazon through their own websites links.

The usual questions that surface when buying websites are generally variations of the following;

Q. What do I have to do?

A. Get as many visitors to your website as possible, website marketing whether Affiliate websites or real products for sale is a numbers game.

Q. How much money will I make?

A. The more visitors you receive the more money you will make, it’s as simple as that.

Q. I’m not very technically minded.

A. When you are buying a website nowadays the Admin panel may seem a daunting place to be but with a little trial and error 99% of people manage to conquer their fears.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and check the websites for sale and see if you can make some money with one of the many turnkey websites for sale.