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Ready Made Websites - posted on 08/01/2011

A new player in the Ready Made Niche Website Business launches today. U.K. based makes buying a Website Business easy, affordable and for the first time purchaser, gently breaks them in with easy to follow email instructions.

The Ready Made Website Business was introduced to meet the growing demand of people wanting to own a Website business that would provide maximum income with minimum effort. The BuyWebsites model works by embedding the owners merchant codes into the Website and when someone visits their Website and purchases an item or just clicks on one of the Google adverts the commission earned will be paid to the correct Website owner.

The biggest drawback to buying one of these Websites in the past was the cheap looking appearance, hasty launching with no promotion, limited amount of detail, uninteresting (if any) articles and no real flow for the user, so few were ever successful. grabbed the bull by the horns and decided that if you’re going to do it…do it right.

Every Website offered on their user friendly store includes the following benefits among many others;

·        Attractive Unique Custom designed with Flash Header.

·        Highly rated top level International Domain name related to a popular niche.

·        Website filled with content related articles of the niche, which grows daily on auto pilot, in addition 6 unique articles have been included to rank on Google for certain keywords. Google loves content sites.

·        Some websites offer Google Adsense or Amazon Store or Affiliate Partners.....we offer ALL of these revenue streams in EVERY website.

·        12 months FREE Hosting and FREE Support.

·        Fully SEO optimised Website already indexed by Google and ready to earn you money from the outset, this will have been promoted a minimum of 30 days, usually longer.

With banks paying a miserly percentage on your hard earned savings why not invest in a Ready Made Website Business and have a mid to long term investment with daily revenue returns from Affiliate income and value being added to the Website as it matures and not forgetting the killer Domain name value increasing in time.