Why To Choose BuyWebsites

Ready Made Websites - posted on 09/08/2011

Since the launch of this year (2011) the business has gone from strength to strength and improvements have been made to the website to make navigation a more pleasurable experience for the customer.

When the business was launched providing Niche Content websites that generate income through Affiliate marketing the average price of one of the websites was $1500, now the same type of site will only set you back $800 thanks to streamlining of expenses in the business.

The management at BuyWebsites realize that we are living in a World where everyone is looking for a bargain and are aware that a lower priced model would act as an incentive to the first time buyer of the Niche websites.

The price may have been slashed but the quality of the sites remain the same with powerful software driving the website on auto-pilot leaving you with only a few hours of promotion a week to build your Niche Content Business.

Niche Content websites are exactly what they are described as, a website of a particular Niche (e.g. Finance, Health etc.) with good quality unique and informative content in the form of articles which are already placed on the site  with the purpose of attracting customers to your site and getting them to return. There is software installed that will gather related information from many sources on a daily basis leaving you more time to spend on promoting the site. All the software needed to push your site to the forefront of the selected Niche is already installed and working its magic.

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way of earning payments or commission by driving traffic (customers) to your Niche Content website (on-line publisher) where they will find a product or retailer advertised and when they click on the link they are taken to the merchant’s site (e.g. Asda or BestBuy) to review and purchase the item. The customer completes the sale on the merchant’s website which will be responsible for billing, shipping and after sales service. Our tracking software will record the sale and a commission will be generated and paid to the publisher (you).

There are also advertising spaces for Google AdSense ads to be placed which generate further commissions when a customer clicks on one of the ads, this is paid direct to you through your own account.

A third and extremely lucrative source of income is generated through your own Amazon store which is embedded into your site (USA, UK or both) which allows customers to buy from Amazon directly from your site again with no interaction with the customer. Commissions vary between 5% -10% depending on items chosen.

Many people ask “How much will I make” from the site and the answer is determined by your actions. We have done our best by producing a quality Niche Content website and we will show you how to promote the site to get the traffic required, but it will be up to YOU to carry out the small tasks required. No technical knowledge is required all instructions will be in simple terms easy to understand we will not baffle you with science.

You should be looking to get 200-250 people a day to your site if you want to earn some good money ($200 per day/ $73,000 per annum approx..) but earnings are unlimited and expenses after purchase are minimal.

BuyWebsites spend a lot of time researching the best Niches to implement and use one of the best platforms available on which to build the websites.

Whether you are an experienced on-line retailer or a novice first timer these Niche Content websites are a great addition to your portfolio.

Remember NO stock, NO customer support, NO delivery, NO hassle just HIGH REVENUE EARNINGS.