Optimizing Your Website for Yahoo and Bing

SEO - posted on 10/12/2011

Really I should change the title as Bing actually drives the Yahoo search results now so you get two for the price of one. 

Bing is owned by Microsoft and this is their third attempt at challenging Google in the battle of the search engines. They started with MSN then Live and finally Bing so you can’t say they haven’t been trying. 

Google has around 82% of global market share (Sept 2011) with Yahoo and Bing accounting for just over 10% between them so they still have millions of searches every month. 

So what can you do to make your website optimized for Bing. 

On-page Optimization is important and you should check your website using a code validator like which is free to use and fix any issues it highlights. They also pay attention to Title and H1 tags so see they are optimized correctly. 

Quality Backlinks that are Relevant to your Website. 

Bing likes to see backlinks from a similar niche site as yours as it checks your keywords to pick up the topic of your site. The more relevant the backlinks the better your ranking. 

Bing Webmaster Center 

Bing has their own version of Google Webmaster tools where you can submit your website and track performance as you would with Google for traffic, page crawls and errors. Also check your inbound links to see if you are getting the quality links search engines like. 

Your Website Content 

As all SEO experts will tell you original content is the most important factor to obtain great rankings for your website. Bing also gives credence to websites with Video and plenty of text focused around the topic of your niche. Ensure your articles are unique and at least 350 words or more. If someone else supplies your articles check them with Copyscape before publishing on your website. 

Aged Domains 

Bing seems to like the fact that a domain or website has been around for a while rather than a newly registered domain and deems them more trustworthy therefore more valuable, so check the domain suppliers to pick up a bargain. 

To summarize, optimizing for Bing is no different than preparing for any of the other search engines so spend some time preparing your website and you should be in their good books.